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Bremer Specialist Centre is the old Specialist Clinic that was located at Antenor House, 16 South Street, Ipswich. Antenor House was built about 26 years ago by Dr Kenneth Piaggio who practiced from the clinic until it’s sale in September 2015. All the specialists practicing from Dr Piaggio’s clinic moved to Bremer Specialists Centre in November 2015.

While it was challenging to move to a new location it has presented some new opportunities for us. We have a bigger clinic now with ample parking spaces and within walking distance from Booval train station.

We would like to develop the centre as a multi-specialty centre, enabling clients to get a range of specialist services conveniently at one place. We aim to provide quality care, and facilitate communication between General Practitioners and specialists by integrating the latest technology into our highly valued networks.

32 South Station Rd, Booval,

Ph: 07 32820684

F: 07 32820400