Clarity Hearing Solutions

Independent, masters level qualified audiologists.

Hearing aids and services

• Free high quality, invisible, Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids for eligible OHSP pensioners, veterans and NDIS participants.

• Expert assessments and compelling hearing aid prices for people ineligible for government funding

• Earwax removal and management

• Swimming, communications plugs and earplugs and level monitors for musicians

• Noise protection

• Full range of hearing aids from nine manufacturers

Adult and paediatric services

• Full audiological assessments from babies to adults

• Cochlear implants, anchored and bridge solutions

• Central Auditory Processing (CAP) assessments

• Tinnitus assessment and treatment

• Sudden/Acute/Screening/Benign Positional Vertigo (BPV)

• Balance/Vestibular assessment and treatment

• Independent WorkCover audiological assessments

• Current hearing aid reviews and adjustments

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